Thursday, January 15, 2015

Reality of private engineering colleges in India

Being an engineer is not only one of the most precious profession in India but it is also one of the most precious profession all over the world. Almost every children of this country wants to be either a doctor or an engineer. But the number of government engineering colleges are very few. More than a million student appears every year in the national level pre-engineering entrance exam. Number of seats in government colleges are approx 30k. So what about the remaining more than 970k students?? Here is the scope for private engineering colleges grab the opportunity. 

They do whatever they can do to attract the students in their college. Many of them pretends that they are the best. Some says they are best in north India, some says the same thing about other direction. They use every medium of the advertisement. Some college takes their own entrance exam to get admission in their college, but this is nothing but only a show off.

Time of admission:

Students have to pay a huge amount at the time of admission. Students and their parents think that college will provide a quality education in the return. They think that its a one time investment. But it's not over.

Initial stage:

  • College-bag: In most of the so called best college of a specific direction, they provide a college-bag with a practical manual and students have to pay Rs 1000 for this. Anyone can say that the price of that college-bag is less than Rs 100.

  • College-uniform: They charge more than double for college-uniform which they sell in their college's department store. After few months this uniform is only able to clean the floor of dorm. Most of these college doesn't allow student to attend the internal exam if they don't have college-uniform only because they want to make more money with selling their crap uniform at a high price.
  • Identity-card: What would the price of a color print out of size of a normal identity card and stick it over a plastic? Rs 10? Rs 15? or maximum it would be Rs 20. But students haven't any option rather than paying at least 20 times more than its actual price.

  • Book-bank/library: They charge Rs 3000 for this facility. Students get books of all subjects of the semester at the starting time and end of the semester they have to return those books. Students can access the library and each student can take two or three books with him for upto 15 days. This sounds good but the reality is different.

  • Reality of book bank:
      They provide those books which are usually printed more than a decade ago. Many of those books doesn't cover even 20% of syllabus.

    Reality of library:
      College provided two library card to every first year students and three to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students. Students can take books with these cards. But according to the rule of college no student can enter in the library between 8:30 am to 3:00 pm which is working hour of college. And according to the rule of librarian no book can be issued after 3:00 pm and opening time of library is 8:30 am. 
      What is this! Isn't it ridiculous!
    Reality of laboratories:
      They show high-fi images(photoshopped) of their laboratories. But the reality is the not same. Their equipment only looks good, but generally not in working condition. They show that they have computer laboratory. But they use those software which are outdated. At the time of writing this we are in the year 2015 but many colleges still use the software which was released 8 years ago (eg. Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0). They don't feel that they should update it. Many of the Indian colleges still use "Turbo C/C++" for "C/C++". "Turbo C/C++" has an old compiler which do not follow the "ANSI's (American National Standard Institute)" guideline. Same circumstance is in other branch's laboratories.

    This situation is really very irresistible. What a student can do! If they meet book-bank head then he says go to your HOD(head of department). HOD says that college doesn't want to buy new books. Few HODs are really very cautious about student'd future. They suggest student to meet the director. Students decide to meet director. But director doesn't care about students. He cares only about  his business. He comes the colleges, takes a report about the construction of new building of the college, smoke continuously, sit back in his Mercedes or any other imported car and vanishes.

    There is more terms and condition with library. If a student lost his library card then he has to pay 500 for the each card.

    Arbitrary of Rs 100/day
    • Vacation: They always try to inventing new method to loot the student. They stick the tiny piece of notice on the notice board about the last date of the fee deposit and after then fine of Rs 100/day.

    • Starting of a new semester: After end of the semester when student went to their home and come back then they have to get ready to pay fine of rs 100/day as the for their vacation. Can you imagine this!! rs 100 per day. But this is the reality. This is happening in this planet. This is happening in the real world. According to the university there is no rule to fill the form before every new semester. These damn rules are invented by the colleges.

  • Examination fee deposit: They have invented another new method of robbery. If according to the university last date of fill examination form in 15th March, then college will stick notice on their notice board it is 10th March and after and day delay student will have to pay double, after two days delay triple, after 3 days four times and so on. Normal charge of examination form is about Rs 1000.  Imagine 5 days delay. I am sure that very soon they're going to put the formula of compound interest in it.
  • Freshers Party: Every 2nd year student have to pay rs 500 (more than rs 1000 in few colleges) for the freshers party. College management can do whatever they want with this money. Student can't ask how their been money spend. 


    This is the saddest part of the private engineering colleges. But we can't blame teachers for it. What can we expect from the inexperienced and low-paid teachers!
    In their advertisements and posters colleges brags that they have highly-educated and experienced faculties, but the reality is that their highly experienced faculties are just passed out student of the previous batch. They are not even tentative. None of them see their long-term carrier goal is in teaching field. They continue to searching for the another job, and as soon they got the new job they left the college. Doesn't matter that course isn't completed yet. But college doesn't care about it. Some college doesn't let the appear in the main exam if their attendance is below 75% but some college shows that how much they care about students with allowing them to appear in the exam if they pay the amount of rs 5000 to 10,000.

    Many students are eager to do something creative. But what can they do in this type of circumstance! Their dilemma never ends till their final year. They completely depends upon mugging. Can someone be a good engineer with mugging! They got their degree of engineering, but are they really engineer?

    Training: College doesn't let student to get trained from his desired company or institute, They send students to those company who give them commission.

    Placement: Colleges pretend that they have high rate of  percentage of placement. But is this true? No, its not. They have tie-up with some companies. Student thought that they got placed but after few months company kicks them off with any appropriate reason.

    What our government is doing? What our country's educational department is doing? Off course there is AICTE who approved technical colleges and are there for robust the technical education in the country, but is this enough? Did AICTE ever checked that what is the quality of education in these colleges? There is lots of error in our education system. How can a developing country be a developed  country with such kind of technical education??


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    3. Thank you sir...for this information . Most important their fees structure is very high. A middle class family background stnd can't afford this.
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