Monday, January 2, 2017

When auto driver/rickshaw puller made me emotional

Incident 1:

Patna to Muzaffarpur, August 2008.

It was the first time when I went to Patna.
I was feeling tired by the evening. At the time of returning, after stepped out from train I decided not to take any auto or rickshaw from there although my home is approximately 3 km away from that railway station. I wanted to save few bucks for mobile recharge.
I started to walk. 2 kilometers passed, 1 km was still remain. I started to think that why I didn't take any auto or rickshaw. Just after few seconds a rickshaw puller came from behind, and asked me if I want a ride. I refused and continued my walk. Then he told me that he will not charge any fare because he also has to go that way.
I stepped in.
When we reached the destination, I asked him about the fair, but he refused to take any money from me. I request him again and again to accept few bucks, but he didn't agree. Finally I handed him few bucks in a friendly forcefully way.

Incident 2:

Muzaffarpur, January 2013.

I took auto for Muzaffarpur junction. Reached at destination. I was in hurry. I handed over auto driver a ₹50 note and moved quickly towards the station. When I was about to reach at entrance gate, he came to me and returned the remaining money.

Incident 3:

Jaipur-Delhi Highway, December 2015.

I was returning to hostel from my home. Bus dropped me 4 km away from my hostel because there were not enough passengers.
It was a cold night. I looked at my watch. It was 10:30 pm. I hadn't any other option, so I started to walk.
While walking I indicated many vehicles for lift, but everyone ignored. I decided not to ask for lift anymore and keep walking.
Suddenly an auto passed beside me and stopped after few meters ahead.
I increased my walking speed and went to him and told where I have to go. He replied that he can't go there, but he can drop me ahead. I stepped in. He decreased almost 2 km of my journey and stopped the auto at a diversion.
He told me that he has to go in other direction from here. I pulled out my wallet and asked about fare, he refused and turned his auto in other direction. I didn't even got any chance to say thank you.
I smiled, mumbled thank you, knowing that he is not listening.

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