Sunday, May 28, 2017

Five reasons why I prefer Linux over Windows

1. Free and open-source

I do not need to spend $200 for my os, neither have any guilt feeling of using pirated OS. I royally use linux which is completly free (most distributions) and open source. Also I got full control on my device, which is not possible with windows.

2. Control everything with terminal

There is no need to hover mouse here and there and look for desired option every time. Although there is command line interface is available in windows too, but it is less robust than linux terminal. I can accomplish any task without leaving my terminal, whether it is to send emails, play videos, change passwords, add/remove new users, connect/disconnect to a network, live chat (irc), shutdown/restart or thousands of other works.

3. Portable

Linux can also be installed in a usb and use it in any system without need of installing linux in that system.

4. Light weight

Linux consumes very little space in comparison with windows. You got extra space for your files when you install linux.

5. No worry of any inbuilt spyware app

Linux is much more secure than windows. We can't check in windows that if there is any inbuilt spyware app installed by microsoft. There is not same case with linux. As linux is open source, its every lines of code are available. 

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