Sunday, January 20, 2019

10 Things I hate about iPhone


1. No control over wifi: I have to turn off my wifi everyday. When I turned it off it pops message that "Wifi is turning off until tomorrow".

2. Can't turn off dial tone and camera capture sound: There is only option is to put device in silent mode.

3. No separate folder/album for captured images: Every images I captured with my device or saved from internet goes to same album Camera roll.

4. Can't download video file in browser.

5. No FM radio.

6. Bluetooth file sharing works only with apple devices.

7. Can't rename device's hotspot name: Only option there is to rename device name.

8. Low power mode auto turn off after 80% charging.

9. No universal micro usb port.

10. Can't see call log of blocked person: When I block someone I can't see their call log. There may be some situation when I want to know that how many times blocked person tried to call me. But there is no option to know that.

There is also few things I like in iPhone. 2 Things I like in Iphone 

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  1. I like iPhone because of its neat design and simple OS.