Monday, May 24, 2021

Some coincidences when well known people took covid vaccine to motivate others but died soon later

 1. Hank Aaron (Former baseball player, 86 year old)

Hank Aaron, one of the most famous baseball player in American history took covid vaccine at 6th January 2021. He urged people to do the same. He was very happy to be one of the earliest person to get the covid vaccine. He died 16 days later. 

Later medical examiner said that death is unrelated to Vaccine.





Below is the Video of Hank Aaron taking Vaccine.

 Below is the Video of people remembering Hank Aaron.



2. Vivek (Tamil actor, 59 year old)

Vivek took vaccine live in front of dozens of media at 15th April 2021. He wanted to break the vaccine hesitancy among people. He died next day due to heart attack.

Again medical examiner said that death is unrelated to Vaccine.




Here is the video of Vivek taking Vaccine.


Here is the unfortunate funeral video of Vivek. 



3. Dr KK Aggarwal (Former president of IMA, 62 years old)

A video gone viral at social media where his wife was scolding him on phone while he was live. In last one years he motivated many people to fight against the virus. KK Aggarwal took both dose of vaccine.

Guess what medical examiners said later! 

Right guess. Death is unrelated to vaccine.



Here is the viral video of Dr KK Aggarwal after he took vaccine.

Here is the video of media "investigating" his death reason.

I hope that there wouldn't be many more coincidences like these.

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