Thursday, May 27, 2021

How to get over a break up


Getting over a breakup is one of the hardest thing faced by human mostly by teenagers. Once we get addicted to someone it becomes very hard to rearrange our live without that person. Here I am going to write some tips which not only may help to get over a breakup but also help you in long term.


1. Accept it.  

Accept it in easy way. You may feel that you are facing the cruelest sorrow of the world. But believe me, you are not the first one. Just accept it as a part of live. Accept it  that the person you love has got someone better than you.


2. Clean and rearrange your room. 

Now you have some extra time which you were spending at video calling or texting someone. Use that time to enhance yourself and be the better version of yourself. First step towards can be cleaning and rearranging your room. You may feel that cleaning and rearranging your room has nothing to do with getting over a breakup. But try it, it has psychological effect.

3. Read books.

Reading books can not only give you a lot of information about different fields it will also engage you and prevents from distracting towards thought of past. You can choose which type of book you want to read according to your interest.

4. Play video games.

Playing video game is also one of the best way to keep you engage and prevents distract. You should choose a game with a long story-line. 

5. Learn new languages.

When you starts learning new language you gets something new for your brain. So your brain doesn't has room to think about something else at time. Learning a new language is easier than you think. If you are an English speaker than you can learn Spanish very easily and if you are Hindi speaker than Urdu wont take much time to learn. Also learning new language is fun.

6. Talk to a forgotten friend.

Open your contact-list and scroll. You will definitely find some of your old friend whom you didn't talked for a long time. It is the right time to make a call. 

7. Walk few steps towards spirituality.

Spirituality is one of the best way to get over any harsh situation. Search some good books about spirituality and let the miracle happen. I've also a recommendation for some spiritual books Top 5 must read religious books

8. Exercise and yoga. 

Start waking up at early morning if you aren't already and devote some time for your physical health. 

9. Meditation.

Meditation is magic. One must have to feel it to know about it. Word cannot define meditation. Meditation doesn't mean only sitting peacefully with closed eyes. Meditation means reaching in timeless world. When you enters in meditation you become timeless.

10. Travel. 

And last but not the least, don't close yourself in a room if you are trying to getting over a breakup. Go somewhere. See the nature, see the different culture. Feel them.

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